DBT #0156: Diane Ladd – A Bad Afternoon for a Piece of Cake

You won’t believe how young Diane was when she saw a flash of white light, and promised God, “If you help me become a successful actress, I will help your people.”

Learn who made Diane sob recently, and why he didn’t apologize… 😉

Wonderful story about Richard Attenborough and the making of the movie, “Ghandi.”

Diane has an amazing burden for producing a certain movie…kidnapped, deprived of food, beat up, knocked down, injected…Watergate…conspiracy…Diane Ladd will play the lead…do you know what movie this is? Find out in this interview…

And Diane Ladd has a plan for keeping 2.5 Billion dollars in this country. Find out how.

Who has more integrity than any other man Diane has ever met?

All this and much more. Enjoy the interview!

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