DBT #0152: Mary Higgins Clark – Daddy’s Gone a Hunting

[box style=”rounded”]”I love to be fooled. If I can read a book and be mad at myself at the end because I went downd the wrong trail, I’d say now that’s a darned good book!” – MHC[/box]

David English interviews Mary Higgins Clark, author of Daddy’s Gone a Hunting. Listen to David’s interview below.

Here is a TV appearance where MHC talks about the book:

In this novel by Mary Higgins Clark, the reigning “Queen of Suspense” unfolds an intricate mystery encompassing a devastating explosion that destroys Kate and Hannah Connelly’s family furniture firm, the family mansion, and the life of their retired care-taker, Gus. With Kate hospitalized from the explosion and Gus dead, Hannah must put together the pieces of the puzzle: What drew the two of them to the firm at that hour of the morning and what other dark secrets lie in the remains?

Listen to David’s interview to learn all about the author…

  • why she seems so happy in all of her publicity photos
  • what genre she really loves (and thought she would make a career in)
  • how long it takes her to write a children’s book 🙂
  • what is her favorite color
  • what she considers to be the secret to great contentment
  • the funny statement she occasionally hears about Danielle Steele



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  1. I enjoyed listening to this interview. At 80-something years old, the woman still has a sharp mind. I love that! I may just have to pick up this book. I’m sure I would enjoy it. 🙂

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