DBT 312: Bonnie Kistler – House on Fire

What a nice lady to interview. I met Bonnie Kistler years ago in Pennsylvania, but she has since changed her name.

What a powerful book this is! A wonderful story, with characters that come to life, and one of the most beautiful covers I have seen in a while. It totally caught my interest.

What would you do if you family was so torn apart you felt it would never be the same? So many what ifs in this book, and things like this could so easily happen. And how to deal with death, such a hard subject in books to deal with.

I really enjoyed this book, and she is so nice to talk to. Can’t wait to see what she will write next.

You can tell she used to be a lawyer. There are so many authors that used to be lawyers.

Such a pleasant and wonderful conversation we had, as you will hear with this interview. So thankful for Simon and Schuster to provide the book and the author time.

Enjoy the wonderful interview we had, and I look forward to the next book so much!

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