DBT0237: Clifton Collins Jr – Prison Ramen

clifton-collinsClifton Collins is a well-known actor, with over 110 credits, who is currently starring in WESTWORLD and was seen recently in BALLERS. He has appeared in SOUTHLAND, ER, STAR TREK, PACIFIC RIM, FEAR ITSELF, DIAGNOSIS MURDER, TWILIGHT ZONE, ALIAS, and many other productions.

He has written a new book called PRISON RAMEN with his cowriter Gustavo Alvarez. The book is filled with contributed recipes, both from anonymous inmates and well-known names such as Shia Labeouf, Danny Trejo, Taryn Manning, and SLASH. There are recipes for sloppy ramen joe, onion tortilla ramen soup, and more.

The forward to the book is written by Samuel L. Jackson. How cool is that?

Filled also with all kinds of prison stories, this is written by two men who just want to help people, an inspiration to us all for sure.

Clifton is a really approachable and down to earth guy, and has met tons of famous people over his career. What a pleasure to talk to him.

Listen to our interview below, and visit CliftonCollinsJr.com to learn more.

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