Jane Harper – Exiles (An Aaron Falk Novel)

I had the pleasure of interviewing the delightful Jane Harper, who has become a popular author since her first book, THE DRY, sold over two million copies. Her Australian accent adds to her charm, and she is an excellent storyteller, making her a joy to talk to. However, it’s bittersweet to hear that EXILES, the third and final book in the AARON FALK series, marks the end of a beloved series. I’m always disappointed when a series I love comes to an end.

Although I missed reading the second book, FORCE OF NATURE, I’m currently engrossed in EXILES, which revolves around a missing mother. Harper’s writing makes me contemplate the thought of a loved one going missing and the impact it would have on my life. Would I ever give up searching for them? The book is a gripping mystery, and I can’t wait to discover what happened to the missing mother.

During our interview, we discussed Australian wildlife and whether the country is as dangerous as it seems. I had a great time chatting with Harper, and the hour we spent together flew by. Harper’s talent as a writer shines through, and I highly recommend giving her books a read. Don’t forget to check out our fun interview too!

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