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DBT 0340: Dean Butler – Prairie Man

Wow, this interview was a lot of fun to do. Dean is a special guy, and talking to him felt like reliving my childhood. “Little House on the Prairie” was a staple in our house every Monday night for years. How did this show last so long? It truly embodied wonderful family values. I believe my sister related deeply to Laura Ingalls Wilder, the main character and writer of the books the show was based on.

Dean, as you will see, is a terrific person to talk to—pleasant, honest, and exactly as you’d imagine. He’s the third cast member I’ve interviewed, and it’s always a pleasure. I wish I could have met Michael Landon. What was he like to work with? Dean can tell you firsthand.

Why don’t we see more shows like this anymore? What’s amazing is that no one attempted to replicate it on another network; it was simply irreplaceable. This show was iconic and unforgettable. The heroes and villains were clearly defined, and the acting was superb across the entire cast.

I thoroughly enjoyed conducting this interview, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading it. In today’s world, we all need things to cherish, and this book was truly enjoyable. It arrived unexpectedly in my mail, but they must have known I’d want to dive into it. Please do listen and enjoy the book afterward. I didn’t get to see the pictures inside because I had an early copy, but I plan to check them out soon. I love seeing the writer’s family. Enjoy!

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