DBT 315: Jon Land – The Murder of Twelve

There are just about 50 books in the murder she wrote series of books, and JON LAND is the newest author to have taken up writing the books. He is so charming and smart, what a pleasure to talk to him. One of the longest and most enjoyable interviews I have ever done.

THE MURDER OF TWELVE was so much fun to read, and you spend so much of the book wondering what is going on. All these people snowed in and terrified they will be next.

I can’t wait to see this on TV, if they ever decide to bring the show back. But it will have to be at Angela Lansbury’s approval, as we discuss during the interview.

Man, I would love for that to happen, but who could ever be as good as Angela? I cannot imagine.

Anyway, enjoy this wonderful interview. Jon has written many books, and he has a new book from another series coming out this month, STRONG FROM THE HEART. I cannot wait to talk to Jon again, but meanwhile listen to this interesting and talented man.



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