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DBT0284: Judd Lormand – Seal Team

collage of Judd Lormand photosJudd Lormand is one of the nicest guys to talk to. He is a southerner, need any more be said? What a pleasure to talk to him.

And Seal Team, his new show on CBS, is one of the first hits for CBS this year. We spoke for almost an hour, and he is more than a little honest about his experiences on the set.

He is working with one of my favorites, David Boreanz, a local Philadelphia boy who is kind of obsessed with Philly sports teams.

Judd has over 70 credits, and has worked on many famous shows including American Horror Story. He seems to fit in wherever he goes.

Hear about his experiences on sets, with lines, and working with the Seal Team cast, which just got picked up for the whole year. What a pleasant hour I spent with this man, and he is a great family man, which he will talk about also. And wait till you hear who he just worked with! Amazing, its like everywhere he goes he meets with greatness. A truly nice man, we sure need more of them today.

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