DBT 0251: Jane Corry – My Husband’s Wife

JANE CORRY is a former journalist, who has become a really good writer of thrillers, this book was published last year in the UK, and became a best seller, getting to number five on the list! And it is her first novel. AMAZING! And you will see why when you read it. LILY, ED, CARLA, AND TOM come alive on the page, and you will be riveted by the story.And what is it with all the italics before the chapters? You will have to read to see about that. She spent 2 days a week for a while in a man’s prison and she will tell you all about it The 2nd book, BLOOD SISTERS is already on the way and will arrive in the UK in may, and probably jan 2018 here. I can hardly wait. Really read this book slowly to enjoy the characters and how they relate to one another. You will surely enjoy this book and to hear all she has to say about it.

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