DBT0278: JD Barker – The Fourth Monkey

This book was recommended to me online, and boy is it good!

J.D. Barker is one of the most fascinating authors I have interviewed. Listen to him talking about the prequel to Dracula, which he is writing for publication a year from now in the fall. This is one interesting man, and wait till you hear who he keeps in contact with, I am astounded! Its a small world out there.. and wait till you hear the exciting news about this book…which is not the end of the series!

Wow, I really loved doing this interview, and he is so forthcoming and honest, we even talked about his advance for the book, which I never do that with authors.

Yes, JD Barker is his real name; I was sure it wasn’t.

Can hardly wait for the next one in this series. Truly a wonderful interview, I can hardly wait to talk to him again.


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