DBT 0301: Andrew Gulli – The Strand Magazine

What a wonderful interview we had!

This man, Andrew Gulli has been overseeing the Strand Magazine for 20 years. He is so devoted to his work. He lives and breathes this magazine, and it shows in the beauty of the actual magazine. It is only published four or five times a year, but it is beautiful, and the ads are as good as the rest of the magazine.

In the current issue, there is a previously-unpublished short story from Ernest Hemingway! How cool is that?!

This man knows many in the mystery field. (I am so jealous!) I love this magazine so much, between this and Mystery Scene there are none better.  And he is so easy to talk to. You can hear the stress he must be under to put out this magazine.

Magazines have not been selling like they used to, but check out what he says when I ask him about how long Strand Magazine will keep publishing!

What a pleasure to talk to this man, and the questions keep coming. In fact I kept him too long.. see if you can hear if it is bothering him when I do, but I doubt you will hear much.

A truly cool guy, I wish I could have lunch with him. Enjoy!

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