DBT0270: Kevin O’Brien – Hide Your Fear

Kevin O’Brien is the author of 17 thrillers, counting this one, and each time I read one I get so caught up in the story.

He is a remarkable storyteller, and I really enjoy the way he writes. I would have called this book THE COACH and you will see why when you read it. This is one of the most fun interviews I have done all year, and we laughed so much during before and after the interview.

What is his connection to ELIZABETH GEORGE, one of my favorites? Find out when you listen.

O’Brien lives in Seattle, which seems to be where a lot of writers have either lived or written. Such a likable guy and his love for movies shows when you read his books. This is a long book, almost 600 pages, but you will find it fascinating, and the reveals are shocking, not to mention the way he reveals them. And hear me tell the weird connection between this book and the one I read before, a new book by MATTHEW SULLIVAN, which if all goes well, you will hear the interview with him soon. Kevin seems like a brother to me, and he reveals his age right in the middle of the interview…but is he really what he says? HMM. I believe him, a really nice man, and you wonder what goes through his mind, but it is nothing next to JAMES PATTERSON….wouldn’t we all want to hear what goes through his?

Kevin is the type of author that makes me glad I read, and you will hear why. So listen! Thanks!

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