DBT0269: Meg Gardiner – Unsub

I first read this author when DIRTY SECRETS CLUB came out, and I have really enjoyed her books over the years. It has been years since I have read DIRTY, but now she is out with a new series.

UNSUB is the first in that series, with Caitlin Hendrix investigating a killer very similar to the zodiac killer, who was NEVER caught. I don’t know how you would live in a town where a killer is loose, especially the bay area, which is where this book takes place. THE PROPHET is the killer in this one, and this book is creepy.

I love the psychology of WHY the killer kills.

The second book in the series already has a name and you can hear her talk about this.

Gardiner used to be a lawyer, but this is a far cry from that. She won the EDGAR award for CHINA LAKE and has never looked back. Now you can hear her talk about her new series. A very interesting woman, I look forward to talking more with her for book two.

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