DBT0268: Anthony Horowitz – Magpie Murders

Wow, what do say about such a great book! The best mystery I have read this year, and I read a lot.

ANTHONY HOROWITZ is a busy man; he is the man behind FOYLES’ WAR AND MIDSUMMER MURDERS. but this book is simply incredible, a mystery within a mystery, and you are going to love it!

The fact that he is a nice man just adds to the appeal. He is honest and easygoing. This book is just reaching the USA, having been published in the UK last year.

(Why is that? Why do we wait so long for such great books? No idea. I have such a great job, interviewing these wonderful authors, and the work they do on these books is incredible.)

When you find out why he called the book what he did, and everything else behind it, you are going to be shocked. I know I was. To figure this one out is almost impossible.

When we last talked to Horowitz, it was for HOUSE OF SILK, and that was incredible! a Sherlock Holmes story, along with MORIARTY, the other Holmes one he has written. And also, he has written a book with James Bond in it, TRIGGER MORTIS. And listen to him talk about his great news about that.


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