DBT0241: Angela Cartwright and Bill Mumy – Lost (and Found) In Space


Two wonderful child actors, Billy and Angela were both on Lost In Space, and now they are showing off some of the wonderful behind the scenes photos from the show, never before seen.

Both are very accomplished actors.

Billy started at the age of four, and what a resume he has! Most notably, three famous episodes of The Twilight Zone. He starred with Lucille Ball in a movie and made many more appearances. A super interesting man, he is a wonderful artist. He created the Lost in Space comic books, and has written other things too. What a tremendous talent.

Angela got her start on Make Room for Daddy, and was in one of the most successful musicals of all time, The Sound of Music! She is simply one of the nicest human beings I have ever talked to, so friendly, funny, and full of life. She just got back from Austria, where she toured the sites where they filmed The Sound of Music.

To hear both Billy and Angela together being interviewed and sharing their experiences on the show is incredible! What a friendship they have. Billy is so different than what I expected as you will see during the interview.

Bravo to them both, and I cannot stop going back to look at the pictures again and again. They were truly a family on and off TV.

Find Angela online at Angela-Cartwright.com, and Bill Mumy at BillMumy.com.

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