DBT0233: Craig Johnson – An Obvious Fact (Walt Longmire)

craig-johnsonHard to believe, but this is book 12 in the Walt Longmire series. And now, Netflix has released season five of LONGMIRE, the show based on the books! (Netflix picked up the show after A&E let it go, to a LOT of people’s anger.)

Craig Johnson is just the nicest human being, and the books he writes are chock full of humor all the way! And watch out! When VIC shows up, it is like a bomb dropping!

There are references galore to SHERLOCK HOLMES just to add to the fun.

This is a NYT BESTSELLING series, which made it all the way to number five on the list! Each of the 12 has been so much fun to read; I can’t even imagine the fun he had writing it! Yet, you never sense that when you talk to Craig. He is the most level headed guy there is.

OBVIOUS FACT, and its shocking plot twist at the end, will not disappoint

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