DBT 309: Mick Finlay – Arrowood (Book #1, The Arrowood Series)

What a great new series, set during the Sherlock Holmes era, but Arrowood, the lead detective, hates Sherlock Holmes and that is what makes this series so much fun.

Mick Finlay is a  major new talent with MIRA publishing, and I am proud to have interviewed him for this book.

This is the first book in the Arrowood series, but it wont be the last one of the series you read. You will yearn to read the second book in the series, MURDER PIT for sure, just like I was.

YES, he does have a sidekick, and wait till you see what happens to both of them. Arrowood is not afraid to get hurt and to lash out at people. You will not soon forget it, nor will you forget these books. Number 3 in the series is already done, I can hardly wait to read it. And both of the first two are only 15.00 in paperback. I hope you all get to read these books.

A man’s disappearance is the beginning of this fine novel, and he becomes embroiled with some very dangerous characters. I cannot say enough good about this series, I hope you enjoy this interview with Mick.

See how many times he mentions Sherlock Holmes.


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