DBT 0319: Charles Todd – A Fatal Lie (An Inspector Ian Rutledge Mystery)

Wow, it is always a treat to talk to these two mystery greats. Charles and Caroline Todd are both super nice, and they never talk separately with me — they are a team!

What they write is fantastic, and has been for 23 books now!

Inspector Rutledge is a troubled man, and when he finds a man who has fallen from an aqueduct, this mystery is set in motion.

Is it simply a fall? Or is there more to it? Rutledge always seems to end up with troubled and disturbing cases.

And will he ever fall in love? We see a hint of it here…wait till you get to that part. There’s something about the way he talks to people, figures things out, and suffers through his cases. He is still reeling from the consequences of the last one.

Truly enjoyable books. I still have three to catch up with, it’s so hard to stay ahead nowadays.¬† Book 24 is talked about in this interview. Wait till you hear what they have to say.

I always try to ask about new things, but I want Rutledge married! I want to see how that goes. Will it ever happen? Yes, I believe it will. He needs that in his life. His war experiences need to be talked about. Anything talked about is less embarrassing is it not?

A remarkable series of books from two wonderful people. (We thought Charles Todd was just a man, but behind every great man is a woman? Is it not so? I am starting to talk like the British!)

Enjoy the interview. It is over an hour and I truly enjoy both of them.


Visit The Author’s website at CharlesTodd.com


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