DBT 0318: John Hart – The Unwilling

John Hart is one of the nicest authors in the world. He simply exudes niceness and kindness. His new book, The Unwilling, is so well written. I hope many people discover this new book of his, which just launched on February 2.

Who is the unwilling? You will have to decide for yourself when you finish the book.

This story is very dark at times, but I simply have to finish the book because the story is so great and the writing superb.

Hart is the only author to win the EDGAR award back to back. What an incredible accomplishment! I love this man, and I cannot wait for you to hear this interview.

When you read this book it just resonates so much in your mind, as do his other books. This is a great book to cuddle up with at night and that is exactly what I have done.

I am so glad to have him back on the show, and I know you will enjoy our conversation.

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