DBT 0248: James Rollins – The Seventh Plague: A Sigma Force Novel

James Rollins has written 33 books, and this is the 33rd one.

The Sigma Force series is the one that really got me reading. Rollins is a great storyteller; I love his adventure stories. They have been selling for years, and on the NY Times list for a while.

Rollins is also a veterinarian, which a lot of people do not know. He has scaled down from that a little to become a very successful author.

Also, Rollins has written three books with Rebecca Cantrell, all with BLOOD in the title!

This book, The Seventh Plague: A Sigma Force Novel, is a fascinating story about the plagues of Egypt, the background and theories about how they happened, and what caused them. And also about a deadly plague that could take over the world. The fun is in reading his books, enjoying the adventure. so I won’t spoil any more about them.

James is a very intelligent and interesting man. One of his projects that he feels deeply about is Authors United for Veterans, an organization he founded to bring together best-selling authors committed to raising funds and awareness for USA Cares.

Rollins tackles a different subject with each book. And, believe it or not, he is already at work on the next SIGMA FORCE novel! I can hardly wait to see what is next, but if you listen to the interview you will get a sneak peak at what is coming.

A thoroughly fascinating writer, and the illustrations in the book just make it more real. FUN, fun, fun.

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