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DBT 0259: William Daniels – There I Go Again

One of the most accomplished actors on TV, especially in the 80s and 90’s, William Daniels is one determined man. He has accomplished so much on Broadway and on three television series, and now is in his 90s. He has had three very successful TV shows — St. Elsewhere, Boy Meets World, and Knight Rider, and has appearanced on Girl Meets World also.

Daniels is very beloved, and has persevered for many years on Broadway, finally attaining major success on TV. He has appeared on many tv shows, and a movie with Elizabeth Montgomery. He is such a strong presence, with a voice that captivates. Every time he is on screen it is magical. Dr. Mark Craig was one of the most interesting characters on TV, and the shows still hold up today! Bonnie Bartlett, who was his tv wife and real life wife, is here to help him with the interview. He is 90 years old, and has some problems with memory. But he still has a sharp mind, and he won two Emmys for his role on St. Elsewhere. He is open and honest and doesn’t hold back in the book either. He was driven from the age of four to succeed, pushed and pushed by his mom, despite his lack of interest in dancing, But acting seems to be his niche, and he is great at it. Playing John Adams in 1776, both on Broadway and in the movies was electric and powerful.

He is an acting legend, and a pleasure to talk to.

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