DBT0275: Linda Fairstein – Deadfall (An Alexandra Cooper Novel)

Deadfall is Book 19 of the Alex Cooper series.

Linda Fairstein’s books are always fun to read. She always throws in final “Jeopardy” questions, which are real questions and answers. I’m not sure if they are straight from the show with Alex Trebek, but they are nevertheless factual, and add much to the story.

Mike, Mercer and Alex are like the three stooges, although they are far from dumb. But their friendship is genuine and fascinating, and of course Mike and Alex are involved with each other now, wow when did that happen? I must have missed that book!  Linda Fairstein books are always full of factual information, and in this case somewhat disturbing facts about animals, zoos, and extinction. But you always learn so much.

Linda was chief of the sex crimes unit for the district attorney’s office. A bright woman as you shall hear, and so appreciative of her fans. Wow, she took some of my advice…. authors never seem to do that. This book became so fascinating at one point. I really enjoyed it.

I hope you enjoy the interview with Linda Fairstein just as much as I did!

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