DBT0274: Joan Hess – The Painted Queen

Joan Hess is a legend in the mystery field, the author of the Maggody series and the Arly Hanks series. This is one fascinating woman, and it took her five years to complete this end to the Amelia Peabody series. This book was planned out and partially written by the original author, Elizabeth Peters, but she passed away before completing it. That is where Joan Hess, a stellar writer and very close friend of Peters, comes in. And what a job she does. It is hard to tell who wrote what. An amazing job.  Joan herself has had challenges lately in her personal life, but she finally finished this book.

Hear about Hess’s amazing friendship with Elizabeth Peters, how they first met, and the unusual thing they kept doing for a few years. It will make you laugh.

Joan is a very interesting woman, and it was a pleasure to laugh and joke with her. We will miss Amelia Peabody, but Joan is going to be working soon on a new Maggody book.

Wouldn’t you love to see a movie about this friendship? They laughed so hard together and just loved one another.¬† And reading this book you will feel like you are in Egypt, and what an interesting country¬† it is! I hope we all get to have a friendship like they had.

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