DBT0273: Andrew Wilson – A Talent For Murder

A TALENT FOR MURDER- ANDREW WILSON- What a fun book to read. this is a fictionalized account of this authors view of what happened to Agatha Christie when she disappeared for 10 days back in 1926.
Andrew Wilson has written biographies of Patricia Highsmith, and the titanic survivors, and two other biographies. He so fully captures the essence of Agatha Christie here it is a pleasure to read, and this book just gets more and more compelling as people are trying to find Agatha, who doesn’t want to be found. What a fascinating book, and a wonderful series it will be! YES, the author is making a series out of this, with Agatha herself being the detective. I can hardly wait.. Andrew knows a lot about Agatha, and the reviews have been great in the UK. Will be interesting to see the reaction of Agatha’s fans over here.
Time will tell, but book two is already done and hopefully will be released next year at the same time. ENJOY!

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