DBT0271: Matthew Sullivan – Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore

One of the most personable authors I have ever interviewed, Matthew Sullivan worked at TATTERED COVER BOOKSTORE and BROOKLINE BOOKSMITH before becoming a novelist.

This is his first book, and it is a whale of a book! A very interesting plot. A dead body is discovered hanging on the top floor of the bookstore! You think that is haunting? Wait until you read the rest of the book.

Where has Sullivan been all these years? I can hardly wait for the next book. And wait till you find out what he has in that drawer of his at home! WOW, what fun this interview was, and it continued for an hour even after we were done. Just a wonderful talk with a wonderful author who has been waiting to publish a novel for some time. Matthew knows a lot about what he is writing about with his experiences working at a bookstore. Now, there is a book I want to read!

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