DBT 0258: Ed Asner – A Man and His Prostate

What can you say about a man who is so well known? so talented? 363 credits on IMDB? Absolutely astounding.

Ed Asner is now doing a one man show, A MAN AND HIS PROSTATE- written by Ed Weinberger, an hour and a half show all done by himself.

He is without a doubt a TV legend, and is not afraid to speak out and say anything. So refreshing! He talks about Mary, he talks about BETTY WHITE, and amazingly enough a lot of his friends are still around! He has been working for 68 years in the business, and it all started with one play in school. It is so great to hear his voice, and he sounds just like he did back on LOU GRANT. And wait till you hear who he had dinner with the other day!

This man is full of surprises, and at 87 he is still going strong! Seven Emmy awards, golden globe awards and 17 or more Emmy nominations. They don’t get any better than ED ASNER. and he has won Emmys for dramatic and comedy performances, and BOTH were for LOU GRANT…that is unheard of. How many actors can do that? have done it?

This was the chance of a lifetime for me, and I hope it is a treat for everyone.

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