DBT 0257: C J Box – Vicious Circle (Joe Pickett Series)

The 17th book in the Joe Pickett series! Every book in this series is enjoyable and I am always happy to read about Joe, and his mother in law. (I sort of have become obsessed with her, what an enjoyable character!)

CJ Box knows how to tell a great story, and it is a pleasure to ride along.

I can hardly wait for the next one, THE DISAPPEARED, coming next year.

What a pleasure to talk to him, and the last book in the series, OFF THE GRID, went right to number 1 on the NY TIMES list..wow, what an accomplishment! And the series never gets dull and boring, a credit to the writer, and he could not be nicer. Wish i had more time to interview him. Now I have to finish this book.

He calls them “westerns,” I call them mysteries/thrillers. By whatever name, they are enjoyable to read!

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