DBT 0292: Joe Lyle Taylor

What a refreshing change, interviewing an actor about his role. Joe Lyle Taylor is a cast member in Season 2 of Sneaky Pete, a show only available for Amazon Prime members, and starring Giovanni Ribist, about a man who gets out of jail, only to have deal with Bryan Cranston, a mean and powerful villain.

Joe is so easy to talk to, and you will hear about his roles, and what he does to prepare for a role. Acting only seems like an easy job, but memorizing lines can be quite taxing. the platforms for new TV shows are growing so much, I can’t keep up with all the new shows, but I do know Sneaky Pete is produced by same person who does The Americans and Justified, both wonderful fascinating shows.

Joe has already amassed some 51 credits on film and television, and was in the The Dark Knight Rises, and see how he fought with the producers. It is so easy to be forgotten with all the crew and actors around, but not Joe. What a spirited and brave man he is, as you will hear. And he also worked with a very popular director. Let him tell you who that was!

I look forward to hearing more about Joe Lyle Taylor in the future.

Joseph Lyle Taylor – IMDB


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