DBT 0293: All The Beautiful Lies – Peter Swanson

Peter Swanson, whose book The Kind Worth Killing was, as far as I am concerned, a masterpiece, is back with a totally different kind of thriller, All The Beautiful Lies, and I really enjoyed this one as well.

Listen as Peter talks about the craft of writing and where ideas come from.

Having an idea for a book is totally different than actually writing it, and making it seem so realistic. There are so many thrillers out there, and so many are trying to duplicate the success of GIRL ON A TRAIN, but it is so hard to do, because that was an unusual book. But Peter puts a spin on this one that I didn’t see coming! See if you can figure it out.

HARPER COLLINS puts out really interesting books, and I cannot wait to read Peter’s next book. He talks about that during the interview, so listen carefully.

A truly good man,and a very talented writer.

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