DBT0262: Derek Gentile – Baseball’s Best 100

Wow, what a cute small book filled with so many interesting stats about the top 1000 greatest players of all time. Now keep in mind, this is the opinion of Derek Gentile, and you might disagree with some, and we talk about that, but boy is this book going to ruffle some feathers somewhere. How can it not? you always find out who you forgot, there is always someone somebody thinks should be on the list…

So why are certain players higher than others? He will tell you. A VERY interesting interview and we could have talked all day about this book, and what FUN it was indeed. This guy has been around baseball a lot, and has even interviewed baseball players. Not to say that makes him an expert…you be the judge!

(Funny as I am writing this I am watching Derek Jeter on Jimmy Fallon. Is he in the book? You will have to find out for yourself.)

Baseball is so all encompassing, and it has taken over America..In a BIG way, and I have loved it for years! This will not be the last baseball book I talk about on my show. But enjoy it, disagree if you will, get mad, but the discussions alone on this one will be incredible, and there is talk about taking this book to the different parks. See how that goes!

Derek Jeter should be on the list for sure…what a great guy…but is he? Find out for yourself.. and MORE…

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