DBT0263: Peter Blauner – Proving Ground

A very accomplished writer, Peter Blauner has finally written another book, after 11 years.

And wait till you hear what else he has been working on! Wow, I had no idea, is everything kept a secret? You will hear all about it in this interview.

A must read. I couldn’t put the sucker down.”
—Stephen King

Proving Ground is really an extraordinary book, and it is the first in a new series. Lourdes Robles is the new character, and she is a strange one indeed…but she grows on you as the book unfolds, and what a powerful story. Indelible images from this one.

So good to see Peter Blauner back and writing, and he will tell you what that is like, and what he has been up to. When you have the talent it shows on the page, and this one surely does. I cannot wait to see what happens next in this series. So used to him writing stand alone thrillers, so this is something new.

Some of these interviews go so quick, and I wish I had more time sometimes. BUT ENJOY!

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