DBT 0300: PJ Tracy – The Guilty Dead (Monkeewrench Series)

This was a tough interview at first. P J Tracy is a mother-daughter writing team, and PJ passed away in December of 2016. So very sad. They have the distinction of being the funniest interview I have EVER done.

Traci is the surviving daughter, and she is so full of life and fun, I love it!

This is the 9th book in the Monkeewrench series, and it is good! Traci is working on number 10 now, almost finished.

Wow, this was another fun interview and we laugh and laugh. I hope you enjoy it. What a pleasure to know these women, and to have 9 books in the series. Hear about her future plans for writing, and more about her mom and what she was like and how she coped. Loss is a HUGE part of our lives, but we have the memories. So grateful to have known these women for as long as I have. What will we do without PJ? We carry on, as she would have wanted. She gave her blessing to more of the series, so now we can look forward to number 75… well at least I hope so. ENJOY this fun interview. I know I did.

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