DBT 0299: Karin Slaughter – Pieces of Her

With 35 million copies of her books in print, Karin Slaughter is HUGE, and deservedly so. She is one of the most interesting and intelligent writers out there today, and not afraid to really get down and dirty with plots, action, great characters and BLOOD.

What a treat to interview her, and I must admit I get scared before I do, she is totally no nonsense, yet totally likable.

The premise of this book is, DO we REALLY know all about our friends and family? Or are there secrets we don’t know? I don’t think I want to know everything about my family and friends, and yet there is that curiosity. This one is specifically about mothers and daughters, and their secrets.

Karin has been so successful, and now no less than 3 OF her books have been optioned for TV. What an exciting time for her. And what an exciting person she is. Her humor is sometimes twisted and fun.

Eighteen books in, and you can’t wait for the next one! And I will always feel that way. ENJOY!

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