DBT 0298: Linwood Barclay – A Noise Downstairs

This is one of my favorite writers right now. The way he tells a story is amazing. After the unbelievably good PROMISE FALLS TRILOGY, which was expanded to four books with the addition of PARTING SHOT, he comes back with this wonderful tale of a haunted typewriter, and a haunted man. You will be spellbound trying to figure out what is going on.

They are filming THE ACCIDENT, which is based on one of his books, I can’t wait to see that one. To bring his stories to life is so incredible, and I am curious who they will get to star in the film/miniseries or whatever they are making it into.

LINWOOD, as you will hear, is one of the nicest authors to talk to, what a pleasure. And what a great title. What is that noise downstairs? There is no way you will not be totally CURIOUS about the cause of the noise, I could not wait to find out.

This is an author who will be around for a while, what fun to read his books, and each other has its own appeal and fascinating qualities about it. I really get in depth with authors, it is so great and makes it all worthwhile. I will never truly understood how authors write like they do. Enjoy this interview with the wonderful LINWOOD BARCLAY.

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