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DBT 0297: Peter Mark Richman – I Saw a Molten White Light

What an interesting book, and an interesting man, Peter Mark Richman, to interview. Keep in mind he is 91 years old, and the memories dont come as easy. I wish I had know this man when he was younger. What an incredibly gifted and fun man, imagine what he was like as a child and young adult. So many experiences and over 500 TV credits, an amazing career for anyone.

Richman has met and gotten to know so many great names in the business. Just to name 2- GARY COOPER AND JIMMY STEWART. what a blessed man he is, And he never seems to not get along with anyone. And he keeps his sense of humor, as you will hear during the interview.

Who else could tell off JOHN FORSYTHE? What an amazing story that is, and you read about that in the book and I mention it during the interview.

He is such a proud father, and his kids are so talented!

His face is so familiar, and if you have been watching tv for any length of time, you are bound to recognize it. He and his wife have been married over 60 years, and he never mentions any problems, other than the small arguments. That is love for you. SO refreshing to hear.

A really good man, who never seems to take any crap at all.

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