DBT 0296: Jeremy Finley – The Darkest Time of Night

JEREMY FINLEY-THE DARKEST TIME OF NIGHT- Wow, what a treat to talk to JEREMY, he is so interesting and so great to talk to, a real pleasure as you will see when you hear the interview. And you can tell he is a reporter, the way he answers the questions.

Finley has 16 EMMY and EDWARD R. MURROW awards, and you can hear the intelligence in his voice.

This book is a 30 year effort, wow that is amazing. But it is fascinating. To what lengths would you go to as a parent to get your child back? And wait till you meet ROXY, oh wow, she practically comes out of the book to meet you. And wait till you hear his news about the next book! I am still reeling from it. I can hardly wait for it.

JEREMY literally says that he could talk to me all night, and I feel the same. Somehow picking an authors brain is endlessly interesting. I didn’t know what to expect when I started reading the book, and it surely was different than I thought, but what a fun read. And it is a first novel, and there is more to come. And you will hear about his other two books.

Man when writing is in your blood, it never leaves. ST. MARTINS PRESS provided the book, and a big thanks to them. I miss talking to Jeremy already. but there is always the next book, and it will surely come hopefully next year.


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