DBT 0295: Matt Goldman – Broken Ice

Matt Goldman has published “Broken Ice,” the second book in the series which began with “Gone to Dust.” Some of you will remember that we talked to Matt last year about that first book, which is now up for an award!

I really enjoy this series with Nils Shapiro, who causes all kinds of trouble, and you get to see if he can keep a girlfriend. This book is even more complicated than the last one, with bodies lining up.

Really enjoy his writing, and you get to get inside his head. He will tell you about his writing process, and every writer is different. I so love hearing how different authors do it, AND check out the first line of BROKEN ICE, it is so memorable.

Hard to believe this man wrote for Seinfeld, and Ellen, and also recently worked on Dirk Gently, which unfortunately has been cancelled, and he will tell you the name of the third book in the series, as well as news on another book.

I really enjoy talking to Matt, and hope you will enjoy the interview!

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