DBT 0326: The Hunt – Faye Kellerman

Faye is so easy to talk to, and she has one of the most memorable characters in THE HUNT. She has been writing for years, and I love her books. The Rina and Peter series, anyway. She and her husband Jonathan Kellerman are both New York Times bestselling writers, and both are super nice people. She is always fun to talk to. I haven’t talked to Jonathan in a long while, its about time. But she always mentions him, so it is like he is there with his 60-some guitars, yes he collects them.

THE HUNT is a very unusual book. Sometimes an author has a character and you can never forget them, as in this book. He is a control freak, and I can’t wait for you to meet him.

It is so nice when a VERY successful author is also a nice person, and Faye is one of the nicest people. How does she do it all? You will hear from her. Twenty-some books in this series, and you never get tired of Peter and Rina. They are like family to us readers.


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