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DBT 0305: Michael Learned

MICHAEL LEARNED- OLIVIA WALTON FROM THE WALTONS- How exciting to talk to this wonderful actress.. she is appearing soon in a theatrical version of DRIVING MISS DAISY, and i would love to see it. Usually i interview people about a book they have out. She is currently working on one. She will tell you about that for sure. What a strong woman, and at an age when most are not that strong, she is no nonsense and not afraid to talk about anything! How cool is that? I could talk to her all day. And she loves the theater!

Listen as I ask her about why the WALTONS had that last name. In the book on which it is based, it is SPENCER. See what she has to say.

Just hearing the music for the show evokes so much emotion. This is a  show we all grew up with, well not all but a HUGE number of people. and it is still on TV today going strong. In reruns of course.

What a pleasure to talk to her, and she is not the slightest full of herself. Listen to her voice and how she sounds. You can’t believe that she has aged at all. Will never forget talking to this woman.  I hope you all enjoy.

And as to when her book will be out? It is hard to say. She will talk about that. I hope soon, because she has so many stories to tell, and none of us live forever, but she just might. ENJOY!

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