DBT 0246: Donny Most – Swinging Down the Chimney Tonight

donny-most-cd-singer-coverDonny Most.

The name sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Yes, Ralph Malph from 167 episodes of Happy Days. Most also has 50 or so TV and movie credits, but he is singing now, as he has apparently longed to do for years.

Most has a beautiful voice; some of his fellow cast members have been thrilled to hear him perform.

There are five tracks on this CD, and a full CD coming in FEBRUARY. And he is loving every minute of it, and is very humble about it.

Get the CD. You will enjoy it!

Listen, below, to our conversation with him, as he talks about his singing and movie/tv career. He is very easygoing and likable and really enjoys hearing from his fans.

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