DBT 0322: Karen Grassle – Bright Lights, Prairie Dust

So exciting to talk to Karen Grassle, the legendary actress who played Caroline Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie!

Who doesn’t remember this show as a child, and even now it is on three or four times a day on different stations. Wait till you hear her reactions to all my questions.

There is a strength and a niceness to Karen that is so apparent. Gives me chills to hear that voice from my childhood. Every Monday night I watched that show! For some reason, this show is as powerful today as it was back when it first aired.

It was so cool to chat with this woman, and she keeps in contact with her costars. How did Michael Landon pick such wonderful actors for the show? She will tell you during this interview.

It took me weeks to get this interview, only to have scheduling problems. But it paid off big time, and what I got was great. She truly is a wonderful TV mom, and I was blessed to be able to chat with her.

I hope to do more of these. Please enjoy! DAVID

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