DBT 0321: Better Off Dead – Lee Child and Andrew Child

What a great interview this was. I didn’t want it to end.

Andrew Child is such a nice man, and he and his wife are both authors. What a treat to talk to him, and with the consent of Lee.

It is hard to pick up and continue a 25 book series and make each new book just as good as the others, but Andrew pulls it off so well in the last two books.

And what about that news? There is something coming in January of 2022 that you need to hear about.

This book starts off with a woman in a car accident.

Or is it? And what is wrong with her? She is in a bad, way. Can Jack Reacher help her? Or will he just go on his merry way?

I cant wait for you to hear this interview. Two talented guys, and the books are so well-plotted and described. I really enjoy all the reacher books. I don’t think there is a bad one at all.

Enjoy. David

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