DBT 0320: Lisa Unger – Last Girl Ghosted

This is a very unusual and fascinating book, just like the interview I do here with Lisa. she is one of the nicest people in the publishing world/author business. Really enjoy talking to her and listening to what she has to say.

She may surprise you, she certainly did me.

How do you do with online dating? Are you afraid? Read this book and see one woman’s experience.

I was really enjoying this book and I have done online dating. It can be very freaky. People are so different.

This is book number 19 for Lisa Unger, and she really is a talented writer. I am impressed. Hear her talk about her craft, her mindset, her husband, and the bar scene.

So much fun the interview was. I REALLY enjoy chatting with her. I wish every author were this nice, and most are.

PLEASE do enjoy the interview, and the title of the book is even creepy. Would be interesting to hear so many different real-life experiences with online dating. I could tell you a lot. ENJOY!

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