DBT 0332: Dean Koontz – After Death

What can you say? Dean Koontz has 500 million copies of his books in print. I have been reading his wonderful books for years, so many that I don’t even remember how many I have read. “Lightning,” “Dark Rivers of the Heart,” “False Memory,” “Strangers,” “Watchers” – the list goes on and on.

“After Death” is about the idea that we could somehow have all the knowledge of computers in our heads and what it would do if we did. Koontz really knows how to write, and he talks about the process and the problems. Let him tell you about that. He is very honest, and what he has to say is important. To say that he has had an impact on my life is the understatement of the year. I love this author and always have. He is so prolific and so smart. I think he is great. Listen for yourself.

And he will never retire! He has so many ideas, and they are coming like crazy. We may get two books a year. And Amazon is now publishing him. Let him explain about that. Why does that need to be? I really enjoyed this interview. I have read probably 60 or 70 of his books, maybe more. So, I was a bit nervous around such royalty.

See how I did! Enjoy!

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