DBT 0333: Steve Berry – The 9th Man

What a great guy Steve Berry is!

How many times have his manuscripts been rejected? He’ll tell you himself. He might even possess all the rejection letters to substantiate it.

With at least 32 books published now, he consistently lands on the New York Times bestseller lists. His humility shines through in the interview.

I truly admire this man—his coolness is undeniable. Even cooler is his wife, whose involvements he’ll share with you. The book “The 9th Man” was a collaboration with Grant Blackwood, a friend of Steve’s. Co-writing books is a growing trend, and this one is particularly intriguing. And how does it tie into the Kennedy assassination? The revelation awaits when you read it.

His other series featuring Cotton Malone is also exceptional. There are two more installments planned for the Luke Daniels series, and Steve is genuinely excited about it. You’ll learn how much of a regular guy Steve is; he isn’t conceited at all. He holds deep gratitude for his readers, which is truly heartwarming to witness. It’s wonderful to observe that aspect. I hope each of you gets the chance to relish this book and all his others.

If possible, consider meeting Steve at some point. Remarkably, he remembered me from a decade ago. A truly outstanding individual. The stylish touch of his white hair adds to his persona!

Enjoy the interview!

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