DBT 0334: Kathy Reichs – The Bone Hacker – A Temperance Brennan Novel

Kathy is an absolute delight to converse with—witty, intelligent, and incredibly sharp. This marks the 22nd installment in her series, and it’s remarkable that not a single one of them disappoints. This fact holds true. Kathy invests the time to ensure each book is crafted with excellence. You’ll get insights into her upcoming book, her writing process, and you’ll hear about the changes in her publishing journey. She’ll even share details about a medical procedure she underwent, which she seamlessly incorporated into one of her books. She truly is an extraordinary individual.

Is she superior to Patricia Cornwell? That’s a subject of debate, but one undeniable truth is that Kathy’s kindness and patience are second to none when dealing with me. Her debut book, “Deja Dead,” achieved significant success and even earned an award. I sincerely hope that all of you can revel in this interview. She’s an incredible lady. Our conversation also delves into the topic of her retirement plans and her ongoing activities. I trust you’ll find the opportunity to immerse yourself in her literary works. Notably, she’s already immersed in crafting her third book—let her regale you with the details.

Wishing you utmost enjoyment from this interview.

Author Photograph © Marie-Reine Mattera

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