DBT 0335: G. T. Karber – The Murdle Book

What an exceptional interview—just wait until you experience it. And he’s only in his thirties! His depth of knowledge is truly impressive. I’m eagerly anticipating delving into Volume 2, which is set to be released soon. He’ll share the exact timing with you. He’s a remarkable individual—a true standout. Our conversation delves into his intellect and his origins. It’s a genuine pleasure to have made his acquaintance.

Can you conquer all 100 puzzles? They increase in difficulty as you progress, and he’s even included some that seem outright impossible. Tune in to hear him discuss these puzzles and offer insights into his other endeavors. Despite his busy schedule, we had a fantastic rapport. Have you given the daily MURDLE online a shot? I recommend checking it out. And definitely explore his book—it’s a mere $16.00 for a collection of 100 mysteries. Incredibly enticing, isn’t it? There’s more to come, and he’ll provide all the details. In the meantime, savor the interview…

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