Book Review: Holly – Stephen King

I literally stayed up until 4 am finishing this incredibly well-written but VERY disturbing book. King is no doubt a great writer and always will be, unless nature takes over. Holly Gibney is one of the best King characters to date, and what happens in this book will change her life. What did her mother do to her? Find out. I will never forget this book, and somehow, it stands out as so different from every other King book in existence. Yet, it still reminds you of how he writes. His style can never be duplicated; he is a master. And I want more HOLLY! I can hardly wait. But will there be more? Who knows? What starts as a disappearance turns into an unforgettable story, and I love all of Holly’s friends. Be warned, though, this is not easy to read, but try to enjoy it as I did.

– David English

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