What Happened to the Bennetts? (Lisa Scottoline)

(Lisa Scottoline has been a guest on David’s podcast several times, but for this book, David has just written a book review.)

I have been reading Lisa Scottoline since the very beginning, all the way back to EVERYWHERE THAT MARY WENT (and by the way, where did Mary go??), and I have enjoyed every one of Lisa’s books.

This book, What Happened to the Bennetts, is certainly no exception. You sure care about the Bennetts, and you feel so invested in them. Will they survive this whole ordeal? I really am haunted by this book, more so than I even knew I would be.

How does she do it? Scottoline is a pro, and I am totally amazed at how much she is able to tell a great story. I literally miss her writing when I am done. She is like no other, and it would be easy to fall into the trap of “same book, different characters” but she never does!

I can’t wait for the next historical.

WHAT a pleasure to have read thirty-some books by this author. Her talent and her love are like no other. All I can say is WOW I’ll be reading forever!

  • David

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