DBT 0337: The Longmire Defense – Craig Johnson

It’s always nice to talk to Craig Johnson. His books are always great, and that is saying a lot.

Some series can get very old and very stale, but not this one. And he really enjoys writing his books. This is number 19, and number 20 sounds even better.

So glad to always visit with him. His personality, his laugh, and his sense of humor are always spot on. And he realizes his limitations and mistakes.

This book goes into detail about Walt Longmire’s father, and it is very interesting, to say the least.

How does a writer write so well every time? That is the big mystery, and it is not meant as a play on words.

When you live in a town of less than 50 people, that seems so remote, but Craig seems to enjoy it so much. And he writes the books so fast.

And Walt has been through so much, how does he survive? Listen to Craig explain it. I never edit these interviews, so the author does not know what I will ask about. I would love to hear how you all feel about the TV series, LONGMIRE. I will talk about it with others, but I have opinions that I keep to myself. Craig keeps in contact with the cast.

Just listen and enjoy Craig, and enjoy hearing what he says about the book. I love him to death; he and his wife Judy are really special people, and I don’t say that easily.

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